The Benefits of Land Lease Communities

The Financial Benefits

There are many financial benefits to leasing land while owning your home. When homebuyers complete a new home purchase with land costs included, the initial investment increases substantially. Comparatively, the lower initial investment required in a land-lease community means less money spent each month. By investing those monthly savings, the earnings could offset the rent on your homesite, further reducing monthly expenses.

A homeowner in a land-lease community also saves money on their yearly property taxes. Community owners (and not individual homeowners) pay the land taxes, leaving homeowners responsible only for the taxes on the value of the home.

Professional Management

Our professional management teams are on hand to ensure community common areas, homes and sites are attractive and properly maintained including, but not limited to, timely snow removal and trash collection.

Secure Environment

Manufactured home communities provide a safe and secure environment. The majority of our communities have one or two points of entry and/or exit. Best of all, neighbours look out for one another and quickly form a full time, caring and unofficial crime watch. Residents enjoy total peace of mind and feel comfortable leaving days or weeks, knowing their home will be safe and secure.

Resale Value

When the time comes, it is generally easier and quicker to market a home in a manufactured home community than in traditional suburban neighbourhoods. Homes in our land-lease communities tend to be more competitively priced than those with land included, and community amenities and locations are proven selling points. Our on-site management also enhances the value of each home.

Services & Amenities

Our communities are safe, welcoming and unique. Each one is home to a collection of amenities and services designed to cultivate a neighbourly atmosphere.


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There are countless reasons to choose a Land-Lease community, including:

  • Financial Benefits
  • Professional Property Management
  • Secure Environment
  • Great Resale Value
  • On-Site Services & Amenities
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